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While creativity is at the heart of what we do, our ongoing success stems from the dedicated and professional staff who work tirelessly to ensure Time Pet runs smoothly and efficiently. Let’s meet the team...



Chief Executive Officer

Paddle Boarder, Marathoner and Racket sports enthusiast.

I grew up on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Town. In 1999 I migrated with my family to Australia and were based in Canberra for 15 years during which I commuted to the Gold Coast on a weekly basis for 6 years.

In 2014 my family joined me here on the Gold Coast and now we call this magical place home.

I love spending time with my family - Anthea, Nina, and Bella and my two dogs, Frankie the Dachshund and Sunny the Jack Russell. When it’s braai o’clock (BBQ time) we enjoy the delights of Australia paired with some delicacies from around the world.

Everyday I’m blessed to see the beautiful deep blue and to be on my paddleboard surfing the waves provides me with great joy.

I’m a member of the Seven Continent Club - one of 527 men that completed a marathon on all seven continents.

"In Africa there is a concept known as 'ubuntu' - the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others." ~ Nelson Mandela


Chief Operating Officer

I am excited to be back on the Gold Coast and working for Time Pet after living and travelling abroad for the last few years. I love the fresh air, clean living, and the peace and quiet that the Gold Coast hinterland offers just as much as I love the buzz of the quirky little restaurants and laneway bars of the city life.

I’m an animal lover from way back although if the truth be told, I’ve never really warmed to big spiders or snakes! I’m probably more of a puppies, cows or baby goats kind of girl. When I’m not working, my spare time is taken up with either entertaining or being entertained by our crazy rescue puppy Jimmy aka Jim Jams, or just chilling out on our back deck, soaking up the simple bush life.


National Sales Manager

Brisbane born, bred and loving it, I really enjoy the mild winters and hot summers that Queensland has on offer. I live on a 11-acre property that’s halfway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, which is perfectly positioned between city restaurants, golden beaches and breathtaking hinterland. 

In my spare time I like to ride and train my horses. I love the bond you can build with them, and regularly compete interstate in equestrian competitions. My dog, Brock, has a big personality, loads of energy and truly is man’s best friend.


Assistant National Sales Manager

Dog lover, paddle boarder and try to be classic motorbike fixer.

Originally from the Netherlands but after a visit to the Sydney Olympic games decided to move to Australia. Lived on the Gold Coast for 16 years and had a 4 year work stint in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Sydney is such a beautiful city but I missed the Gold Coast so it was time to move back. Now back in Australia's favourite playground and loving it. A perfect day for me would be to start the day with a coffee and go for a surf. After that rolling through town on my motorbike with some friends and explore the beautiful surroundings we have around here. All this finished off by whipping up a nice barbeque for my family.


National Business Manager

Originally from the UK, like many others I’ve made the move to the sunshine and beautiful beaches of Australia!

Working in FMCG, I have a passion for people and insights and have built a career working with retailers across numerous categories in both the UK and Australia. Outside of work, I love going on adventures! From walks, to camping and travelling to new places with my partner! I also love spending time down at the beach and swimming in the sea – I haven’t quite mastered surfing yet, but being in the Gold Coast it’s the perfect place to learn!


Finance & Administration Manager

Kiwi from Christchurch NZ, proud mother of one and Gold Coast resident for 15 years. I’ve always been a dog person yet my daughter has a cat that she’s allergic to. She loves visiting Time Pet to see what’s new for said cat. 

It’s a  great lifestyle here on the coast, with plenty of places to visit close by, great venues with new food and drinks to try. I have an active lifestyle and you’ll often see me at the gym or walking, especially by the beach front so I can take in a great view as well.


Accounts Receivable

I grew up in the beautiful Hunter Valley and made the move up to the coast in 2000. I love the lifestyle here on the coast and the best days are spent swimming at the beach, bike rides and cuddles with my 12 year old princess Raffy who is a Jack Russell X. 

Raffy's brother Charlie, who is a blue point Himalayan likes to think he rules our house and yells at us all the time, but we know he loves us deep down.


Product Planner

Growing up on acreage, I’ve always found the outdoors to be where I can relax, soak up the sun and enjoy my days off. I also like to find new hot spots for breakfast and dessert.

I currently have a horse and two dogs who I love but allergic to. It makes it difficult but doesn’t stop me from being around them. Being an aunty is one of my favourite parts of life, watching my nephews grow into their own personalities is so rewarding and gives me the perfect excuse to go for ice cream at any time. I was a pastry chef for a handful of years before moving into the pet industry.


Inventory Planner

Originally from Argentina, I moved to the Gold Coast in 2019 after living and travelling through Europe. I love the lifestyle and everything the Goldie has to offer: perfect weather, good waves and a scenic hinterland.

In my spare time you will find me surfing the overcrowded Point Breaks, exploring national parks or playing with my housemate's Frenchie Lola. She is all love and energy, always ready to go for a walk or test my strength in a tug of war. I've been playing guitar since I was 10 years old and enjoy 60's - 80's music (I am a huge Beatles fan).



Internal Sales Support

I am a local Gold Coast girl born and raised. I have lived away from the Gold Coast a couple of times but am always drawn back to its beautiful beaches and sunshine. I love to travel and hope to make it around Europe one day before returning to the Gold Coast to settle down.

When I’m not at work I’m going on adventures with my friends and exploring my love of photography. Even though I was raised in the city, I love a good country music concert or festival, you’ll find me in the front row singing along in my cowboy boots and hat.



Internal Sales Support

I am originally born in Melbourne however have grew up on the Gold Coast. I have a dog called Onyx who is a Kelpie X Border Collie who is 3 years old. We both enjoy going to the beach and being outdoors as much as possible. I enjoy going for long drives and exploring new places.

Creative Coordinator

I have grown up on the Gold Coast and met my beautiful wife here ten years ago, who inspired me to study and follow my passions in design. We lived in New Zealand for a year on Waiheke Island "island of wine" where we learned the value of work life balance, after which we have had amazing experiences exploring Asia.

I am now settled on the Gold Coast and raising a little family of my own, with the addition of our menacing pug Teddy and our rambunctious daughter Pippa.


Brand Marketing Coordinator

In 2014 I made the move to Sydney where I worked as a flight attendant whilst finishing uni. During my 7 years living there, I found myself spending every spare moment hanging out at the beach so it’s no wonder I naturally gravitated back to the Sunny GC!

I have been working in the marketing industry for over 4 years now and I have loved every minute of it. I have two fur babies- Nala and Hugo, that I absolutely adore. I enjoy spending time coming- up with DIY projects, cooking and cracking a dad joke or two. I’m super excited to be a part of the TimePet team!




QLD North Brand Ambassador

Growing up on and regularly visiting the family farm, being surrounded by animals all my life – my favourite breed of dog is a Fox Terrier and I hope to own a property - so I can have a few dogs, other animals & produce to live more of a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Looking for progression, joining Time Pet was the next step in expanding my knowledge, networks and drive to achieve higher in the Pet Industry - to support customers and their pets with some of the best industry leading products.


Western Australia Brand Ambassador

Sydney-born, I now live on 13 acres in Perth with my sister, niece and three dogs - Big Baby the rescue Greyhound, B the rescue Shih Tzu and Benji the Border Collie. I have "OCD - Obsessive Canine Disorder".

In my free time I enjoy swimming, as well as watching Formula 1 and NHL. I don't eat animals or any animal product.

I have a long history in the pet industry, having been a professional dog groomer/ stylist and managed dog grooming salons and pet shops in Melbourne.


SA, TAS & NT Brand Ambassador 

I am the Brand Ambassador for South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory. I have spent more than 18 years in the pet industry and have a vast knowledge of all things pet related.

I live with my wife Karli and our two children, Cooper and Jasmine, in one of Adelaide’s southern coastal suburbs. I live close to the beach, which is very important because in my spare time I like to fish on my family’s boat. And when I’m not fishing, I’m thinking about fishing or planning my next fishing trip. I also enjoy travelling, and through winter I’m coaching Netball on the weekends.


NSW Central Brand Ambassador

A lover of all things sport, I enjoy going to as many matches as I can, especially now my rugby and cricket playing days are behind me. I love both rugby codes, and I’m a member of the mighty Sydney Roosters. I grew up in Los Angeles and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. I live with my wife, two little boys and dog, Pearcey, and enjoy going to the beach in the summer with my family. I also enjoy a cold one with mates and taking little Pearcey for walks.


NSW South Brand Ambassador

Being born and bred in Sydney and a Mother to two energetic boys, life is always on the go. My weekends are busy spent driving them to various soccer activities. When not at soccer with them, I enjoy going to A-League games, walking, taking gym classes and generally being outdoors. 

Starting my career in the Giftware profession I am looking forward to establishing myself in the pet industry having grown up with cats or dogs my entire life.


VIC West Brand Ambassador 

I am passionate about pets, especially dogs. I am a Dog Trainer who specialises in positive reinforcement techniques and volunteers at a local Obedience Club most Sundays. I keep fit by training and competing with Buddy, in a crazy dog sport called Flyball.

If you haven’t heard of Flyball I encourage you to look it up!

Having worked in the Pet Industry for the past two years I know this is where I want to be and I am really grateful for being given this opportunity.  

VIC EAST Brand Ambassador 

 I am from Melbourne and having worked in the Pet Industry for the past 4 years, I am very excited and grateful for this new venture with Time Pet.

I have been blessed to grow up around different types of animals however, I am particularly passionate about dogs and rabbits. I am a mum to three children with four legs and a tail, a cat named Winston, a rabbit named Bandit and dog named Gypsy.





Warehouse Manager

After growing up in New Zealand I decided it was time for a change and relocated to the Gold Coast Australia in 2008.

I have a Rottweiler, Kahn, who is a free spirit and loves destroying my personal property. I recently built my first home with my partner Daniel and in my own time I enjoy working on my house and watching most sports, particularly UFC, Rugby Union (GO THE ALL BLACKS), and NBA. I also like reading, travelling, gaming and watching a variety of documentaries.


Stock Controller

I’ve lived on the Gold Coast my whole life and love it. I enjoy playing and watching all sports but Touch Football is my sport of choice.

If I’m not out and about playing sport I enjoy playing PlayStation or just chilling out with my mates.



I’m from a little village in the UK called Robin Hood's Bay and made the move to the Gold Coast in 2010. The benefit of living on the Gold Coast is the water temperature, because I don’t have to wear a 6mm wetsuit in the surf. I have a keen interest in bouldering which is a form of rock climbing as well.

In my spare time I’m either training for climbing projects, riding my mountain bike or planning the next adventure.


Warehouse Guru

I have recently moved to the Gold Coast so that I can live with, and look after my mum.

Thanks to Timepet, my interest in the safety and well being of my pets has increased significantly, and has caused a huge surge in interest in my hobby of building high quality cat homes.

I can’t wait for what my future with Timepet has in store.


Warehouse Guru

The Gold Coast Australia has always been my home stomping grounds. From playing Rugby Union for The Surfers Paradise Dolphins to even playing PC games  with my school friends. In my spare time I enjoy building random stuff such as computers, keyboards and even little action figures called Gundams. But my passion is to help others so I would like to be able to attend uni and study UX-design and Business.




IT Manager

Originally from Harvey Bay, moved to the Gold Coast when I was 7. I enjoy being active through playing all kinds of sports in particular AFL, NRL and Touch Football. I also enjoy fiddling around with technology, playing video games and having a good laugh with my mates.


IT Support & Engraver Technician

Originally from the US, I moved to Australia in 2014 to be with my now wife and daughter. Living in Sydney for the first few years before we made the move to the Gold Coast in late 2017.

I spend my spare time playing video games and spending time with my family going on walks with our Pomchi Lily along the beautiful lakes and parks of the Gold Coast.