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Rogz Trendycat Pin Buckle Collar For Cats


Rogz Trendycat Pin Buckle Collar For Cats

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Rogz TrendyCat Bling Collar

The Rogz TrendyCat Collar is the purrfect catwalk look. With trendy cats in mind, this collar is jam-packed with safety features. Equipped with a variable load safeloc to ease tension and a break away safety buckle that releases your cat when they're stuck on objects. It's made with PU leather and 100% polyester plush to keep your cat comfortable, and stylish.

Pin Buckle- Designed with a break-away safety buckle that releases, and allows your cat to break free when caught on objects or trees.

Variable Load Safeloc- A variable load safety buckle allows you to adjust tension according to your cat's size.

Signature Blind Decal- TrendyCat adds an element of excitment and bling to an everyday collar with their signature decal.

Materials- PU leather and 100% polyester.


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